Présentation du GCU - Royaume-Uni / Irlande

The Groupement des Campeurs Universitaire de France (GCU) is an organisation that runs 95 campsites everywhere in France. In order to be able to use our campsites, a membership is required.
The 50000 GCU members run the campsites themselves on a volunteer basis : every member volunteer some of their time to handle some admin tasks like welcoming new guests to the campsite and the general upkeep of the facilities.
For that reason, a certain level of fluency in practical French will be required (refer to article 2 of the internal regulations (règlement interieur).
The terms and conditions and membership fees and further details can be found in : 

For more information: 

If needed, feel free to contact
Helene Colleran, Correspondante Territorial Irlande, at
Raphael Meune, Correspondant Territorial Royaume-Uni, at